Nancy Pelosi is Getting Primaried from the Left

San Francisco attorney Stephen R. Jaffe is a lifelong Democrat and he intends to do what no Democrat has been able to do so far: make it to a runoff election against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Our Donations and What They Mean

My campaign is just 2 weeks old, a newborn. We have just begun to seek supporters and donations. But, even in its infancy, the campaign has revealed some patterns and truths. The response to our requests for donations has been both highly gratifying and informative. We have received donations from over 400 individuals. As in Bernie Sanders’ campaign, the average donation is around $27. We have received donations ranging from $500 to $1. The $1 donations are from unemployed people unable to donate but who wish to make a statement of support, which I humbly welcome.

The most interesting aspect of the patterns of donations is where they are coming from. At least half the donations are from people outside the 12th California Congressional District and many are from outside California. We were even contacted by an ex-pat American living in New Zealand. This means support for Jaffe For Congress is broad-based , coming from all over the United States.

Why is this happening? It is happening because Ms. Pelosi is the embodiment of the entrenched corporate Democratic Establishment. It means my challenge to Ms. Pelosi has national importance. My challenge is a referendum on who will control the Democratic Party in 2018 and beyond. Indeed, as recent as the past week, the Clinton-Pelosi-Wasserman-Schultz faction of the Party continues to deny any responsibility for the Trump disaster and has shown no regret or remorse for its admitted and proved cheating of Bernie Sanders in the primaries and out of the Party’s nomination.

So far, the Pelosi camp has followed its usual practice of ignoring any challenger and use its power and connection to try to suppress media coverage of my campaign. We cannot make Ms. Pelosi acknowledge my candidacy, but the media is beginning to pay attention. We must forge ahead with the campaign. Eventually, the Pelosi camp will be forced to engage us or will risk the consequences of continuing to ignore the tsunami heading toward it.

Daily Kos

From her "we're capitalists and that's just the way it is," to not being able to name current leaders of the party, to saying back in December that the people don't want change, Nancy Pelosi has shown that she has learned very little, if anything, after Trump's election.  On top of that, Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House from 2008 to 2016 with her at the helm.  It's time for this to end.  Enter Stephen Jaffe. Link to the article

A Disastrous Vote in the House of Representatives

A repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will be a disaster for America. The “opt-out” component of the Bill allowing individual states not to cover preexisting conditions is a ticking time bomb, a literal death sentence for millions of people living in the red states whose governors choose that option. Real men, women and children will die because of this law if it gets through the Senate and is signed by Trump.

Twenty Republicans voted against Trumpcare, but no California Republican was among them. In California, where our legislature is considering universal healthcare for all residents, this failure to sway any Republican vote against this Bill is a failure of Ms. Pelosi and the Democratic House leadership.

The vote today further underscores and reaffirms the need for a universal healthcare system in the United States. Now more than ever, we need to repair the damage done by the Republican Congress. As San Francisco’s Congressman, I will immediately do everything possible to promote and bring about the passage of a universal health care law. I seek your support in that effort.

The Wall Trump is Tearing Down

The first American to win the Nobel Prize for literature was Sinclair Lewis. In his 1935 novel, “It Can’t Happen Here, Lewis wrote his prophetic words, “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the Flag, carrying a cross.”

Today the President signed an Executive Order permitting tax-exempt religious entities to engage in political activities. One of the most fundamental of American freedoms is the No Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. As Thomas Jefferson wrote, the First Amendment provides for “a wall of separation” between the government and religion. The President’s Order today is a clear and palpable unconstitutional violation of the First Amendment. There must be no religion in government and no government in religion.

I urge every legislator, leader and citizen to rise up and challenge the validity of this outrageous and pernicious Executive Order in the courts, public forums and peacefully in the streets. When I am elected to Congress, I will do everything in my power to stop this dangerous march towards an Iran-style theocracy in the United States. Join me and do your part in this critically important effort.