Nancy Pelosi Pays $30,000 for Online Services

Quarterly finance reports are rolling out for Congressional candidates, and we now know that Rep. Nancy Pelosi spent more than a quarter million ($267,951 to be exact) on the CA-12 race April-June. That's about 8 times as much as my campaign has spent since we launched at the end of April. And from the first quarter report, we learned that Rep. Pelosi's campaign spends more than $30,000 a month just on online services!  That's almost as much as we've spend on the whole campaign so far.

And we've accomplished a lot! I've reached thousands of San Francisco voters, attended dozens of events (most local, but I also made it to Chicago for the People's Summit with Bernie Sanders and the National Nurses Union), fielded more than a dozen media interviews, and recruited more than 100 volunteers.

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