In 1984 a national fast food chain ran a TV commercial.  A cranky elderly woman (Clara Peller) was served a hamburger.  She looked inside and sees the hamburger patty is tiny.  The customer then utters words that have become immortal. “Where’s the beef?”  Both the commercial and Peller became instantly famous.

In the years since, the phrase “Where’s the beef?” entered the English vernacular and has come to mean questioning the substance of any statement.  I say, “Where’s the beef?”  in response to Nancy Pelosi’s positions on critical issues facing San Francisco voters (which she calls “A Better Deal”),  Her statements are evasive, equivocal statements – gibberish word salads.  Her positions are vague and obtuse; understanding them is like trying to grasp a cloud.  It appears the words, “Yes,” and “No,” are not in Ms.Pelosi’s verbal repetoir.   A recent article about Ms. Pelosi says, “The details of A Better Deal are hazy…”  a colossal understatement.

The central theme of Ms. Pelosi’s Better Deal is to agree with the Republican’s proposed tax cuts for the rich.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Instead of opposing tax cuts for the 1% which will enlarge the huge gap between them and the rest of us, the Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives agrees with them: “Pelosi is saying the right things at the moment to sound bipartisan, indicating she could get on board with Republican-proposed tax cuts under the right circumstances.”  says the Denver Post.

I urge the voters of San Francisco – especially those who may feel inclined to vote for Ms. Pelosi out of habit or the belief she represents their interests – to closely examine her record in Congress.  Not what she says, but what she does.  You will find she is aligned with corporate and establishment interests and values in complete conflict with those of a vast majority of the people of San Francisco, whom she was elected to represent.

The Denver Post article also reports: “Pelosi said members of the anti-fascist movement — known as Antifa — are not Democrats, but are largely socialists and Marxists, and that their violence at rallies in California was unacceptable.”  That statement is both palpably  false and insulting to the hundreds of millions of Americans who oppose fascism, especially those San Franciscans who recently peacefully marched against the white supremacists and fascists in our City.  Ms. Pelosi absurdly says people who oppose fascism are “socialists and Marxists . . . are not Democrats.”  Ms. Pelosi would do well to remember that large numbers of San Franciscans – her constituents – are socialists and/or Marxists and are also registered Democrats who vote.