Why Does Nancy Pelosi Oppose & Block Single Payer Health Care?

Almost every day, I get a fundraising email from Nancy Pelosi’s office. They are semi-hysterical and almost always sound the alarm that the Republicans are about to do – or just did – something horrible and the only way to stop them is to send her money - the more the better. What’s missing from these fundraising emails are any ideas and proposals from her on how to fix the problem she has selected as the emergency topic of the day.

The best example of this pattern is the healthcare issue.  Rep. Pelosi has repeatedly heaped vitriolic criticism against Speaker Ryan and House Republicans for devastating the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and leaving millions of people without health insurance coverage and, consequently, access to any medical care at all. While her criticism is justified, she stops short of proposing any solution to the problem. Her emails are a verbal wringing of hands and an admission or being powerless to do anything about it. In steadfastly maintaining this position, Rep. Pelosi fails and refuses to represent the values and wishes of the people of San Francisco she was elected to represent and whom she asks to re-elect her for the 16th time in 2018.

However, on the healthcare issue, there is an obvious solution - one which an overwhelming majority of Democrats nationally and especially here in San Francisco strongly support: single-payer health care – Medicare for All.

So, why doesn’t Pelosi do the right thing and propose this obvious solution? Because, although she does a verbal tap dance worthy of Fred Astaire trying to suggest she once supported single payer healthcare and will do so again when the time is right (She says, “We’re not ready for single-payer healthcare.”), the truth is that she not only does not support single payer healthcare, she deliberately blocks its passage.  You want my evidence?

  1. She refuses to sponsor Rep. John Conyers’ pending bill, HR 676, establishing Medicare for All and.
  2. She failed to endorse SB 562 in the California State Senate, also establishing-single payer healthcare in California.

You may be asking yourself, "Why would Mr. Pelosi block single payer healthcare?" She blocks it because she raises millions of dollars from health insurance companies, Big Pharm and other healthcare providers over her career, all of which have billions of dollar stakes in preventing single payer healthcare from becoming law. And those millions of donated dollars do not come without strings. In this case, the string is an obvious commitment to preventing single-payer healthcare from becoming law.

Single payer healthcare is a central pillar of my campaign. If you agree with me on this issue, please consider donating to our cause. If you have donated before, please consider doing so again. I can be your voice in Congress, but I need your help to do it. If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately.



CINCINNATI, OH - Dozens of Congressional and state candidates this week launched a coalition to “Support Fellow Progressives” with a two-hour event on Twitter. The candidates’ "tweetathon"-style event Thursday evening was amongst the top 10 most popular conversations on Twitter throughout the U.S.

The progressive tweetathon served to highlight the candidates’ policy differences from Democrats who solicit corporate PAC donations, and four of the participants were Democrats challenging prominent members of their own party in primaries:

  • Alexandria Ocasio, challenging top fundraiser Rep. Joseph Crowley in New York
  • Tim Canova, taking a second shot at the Florida seat of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the disgraced former chair of the DNC
  • Jesse Sbaih, who is battling the influence of former Sen. Harry Reid to win a Nevada primary that would position him to become the first Muslim American in the Senate
  • Stephen Jaffe, the 46-year trial law veteran and parrot lover who’s challenging Rep. Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco

The event was spearheaded by the campaign of Sam Ronan, the OH-01 Congressional challenger and founder of Our Voice who ran for DNC chair earlier this year.

“Tonight we had Greens, Dems, and even a progressive Republican tweeting in unity to support this progressive coalition,” said Ronan. “This is how we take the Bernie movement into every one of our communities and win.”

The candidates tweeting under the hashtag “SupportFellowProgressives” were largely united by support for single-payer healthcare and “The People’s Platform” put forth by the post-Sanders presidential campaign organization Our Revolution.

Ronan said members of the loose coalition would continue to bring in others and to provide an online “signal boost” for progressive campaigns that often lack the resources of establishment rivals.

“Tens if not hundreds of thousands of people engaged with our Twitter event on Thursday,” Ronan said. “And this is just us and the grassroots - we don’t need corporate control of a party to tell us who the progressives who support our issues are, and together our voice is powerful.”

The event included grassroots candidates from across the country, in both urban and rural districts:

  • Samuel Ronan - OH-01
  • Amy Vilela - NV-04
  • Stephen Jaffe - CA-12
  • Tim Canova - FL-23
  • David Hildebrand - U.S. Senate, CA
  • Tom Prigg - PA-12
  • Nathan Arroyave - IL-16
  • Paul Clements - MI-06
  • Jesse Sbaih - U.S. Senate, NV
  • Cori Bush - MO-1
  • Topher Brennan - U.S. Senate, CA
  • Sema Hernandez - U.S. Senate, TX
  • Jenny Marshall - NC-05
  • Gayle Mclaughlin - Lt. Gov, CA
  • Mal Hyman - SC-7
  • Darlene McDonald- UT-4
  • Aaron Godfrey - OH-16
  • Alexandria Ocasio - NY-14
  • Pat Harris - U.S. Senate, CA
  • Ali A. Khorasani - TX-02
  • J. Darnell Jones - TX-02
  • Adrienne Bell - TX-14
  • Sarah Smith - WA-09
  • Michael Milisits - OH-10

Progressive Army

When listening to the town hall, we appreciated how straightforward and direct Jaffe’s answers were. Prompted with a question, Jaffe didn’t try to dance on where he stood. He made a clear, bold stand with each answer. Link to the article


“Single-payer is the only path forward,” he explained, echoing Sanders and explaining that he saw this as a moral issue as well as a political one. “I think there is a human duty to keep all of us healthy, and not allow people to become sick and die due to financial issues. Having private insurance companies make profits off the illness of people is immoral.” Link to the article

Down With Tyranny

Sixteen minutes in and they were still jibber-jabbering about the details of Trump's revelations to the Russian spies--great for breathless CNN coverage but mostly a waste of time in terms of what Pelosi's constituents--both in San Francisco and even nationally--are really interested in. Link to the article

The Jimmy Dore Show

"Nancy Pelosi gets a great deal of her support from insurance companies, Big Pharma, and entities that have a stake in the perpetuation of the status quo. Ms. Pelosi is often described as an epic fundraiser for the Democratic Party, and I concede she certainly raises a lot of money. But that’s only half the question…" Watch the video

Progressive Army

"Pelosi is a super-wealthy neoliberal corporate Democrat funded by the same corporations and business entities she claims to oppose. The people of San Francisco deserve a representative in Congress who actually represents them, not someone politically indebted to corporate interests." Link to the article

Fox News

“The folks in San Francisco are entitled to be represented by someone who shares their values and wishes. … I feel very strongly about single payer.” Link to the article.


More than any other Democrat currently holding elected office, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi embodies how out of touch Democratic Party leadership is with voters. Under Pelosi, Democrats lost more than 60 seats in the House of Representatives from 2008 to 2016, and her tenure represents just how corrupt the Party has become. Link to the article.


The Berniecrat who should be making Pelosi fidget in her House seat is San Francisco attorney Stephen R. Jaffe. Jaffe is a lifelong Democrat and a San Francisco employment attorney. Link to the article.