This weekend’s CA DEM convention ended in controversy and chaos. The CA DEM Chair election result was about 1% apart. Understandably, the supporters of Kimberly Ellis (of whom I am one) are crying foul over the election procedures, results and the response of the CDP to the uproar.

The Ellis camp has demanded an audit of the election to which the Party has reportedly agreed. There is no way to know what the audit will show. However, I do know that this internal Party Chair election gives rise to the same accusations and suspicions of misfeasance, malfeasance and chicanery which characterized the entire 2016 national primary process. Ultimately, thanks to WikiLeaks and/or the Russians, it was established beyond any doubt that the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and Hillary Clinton acted in immoral and possibly illegal ways to hijack the primary process and deliver the nomination to Clinton. Indeed, as recently as earlier this month, lawyers for the DNC argued in court that the DNC had a legal right to lie, cheat and steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders. That transparently absurd argument should not prevail in court and is a despicable one for the DNC to make in any event.

The Party is at war with itself, which is only good for our opponents. Nothing good can come of this. How did this happen?

My theory. Since Reagan, the Republican Party has moved steadily to the right of the political spectrum. In 2016, that movement eventually produced the orange buffoon and his cronies now occupying the White House. The rightward drift of the Republicans left a void in the middle of the American politics, formerly occupied by what was known as the moderate wing of the Republican Party. Sensing the opportunity, formerly liberal and progressive Democrats drifted to the right to fill the void, producing a group of DINOs – Democrats in Name Only. DINOs are Republican-Lite, allying with Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the insurance, and health care industries. They resist truly progressive programs and ideas because, to do so would cost them the financial support of their corporate contributors and sponsors.

The CA DEM Chair election reflects the schism within the national Democratic Party. Big Pharma money funded Bauman. I heard Bauman speak three times during the campaign for Chair. His speeches were all about his claimed past accomplishments, whereas Ellis spoke of the future. I support the immediate and neutral audit of the CA DEM Chair election and doing whatever is necessary to shine the bright light of truth on what really happened last Saturday. I pledge to do whatever I can to assist that effort.