“Americans are sick of status quo politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who decades ago moved to Washington, D.C. only to lose complete touch with reality. No one is more fed up than military veterans who have faced the brunt of nearly 20 years of nonstop war. To his great credit, Stephen Jaffe has put forth the most comprehensive veterans platform seen to date, one that Pelosi has had years to implement but failed to even try. No longer will we be taken for granted by lazy career politicians! For his strong support of military veterans and citizens alike, Stephen Jaffe has earned the endorsement of our national membership to become the next Congressman of California’s Twelfth district.”

Tyson Manker, National Director, Veterans for Bernie

Tim Canova, law professor and FL-23 Congressional challenger, 2016

“I’m for Jaffe for Congress. Hope Bernie Sanders will get behind Jaffe as well!”

Holly Wood, PhD., writer and independent PA-10 candidate 2018

“Nancy Pelosi represents money, not her constituents. The only way the American people stand a chance is for us to support candidates like Jaffe who refuse to accept capitalist exploitation is our given.”

Mike Figueredo, host of The Humanist Report a progressive political podcast. 

“I was VERY impressed by @Jaffe4Congress —he’s got my endorsement!”

Tim Black, independent news host covering news, politics, and entertainment. 

“I love what you are about. I love your message. I love that you’re focused on the issues of the people locally … Stephen Jaffe is now endorsed by Tim Black.”

Elijah Manley, BLM Activist, student union leader, & Board Member of @youthrights.  

“I’m a proud supporter of @Jaffe4Congress. Stephen has strong progressive values that you can count on in Congress every day. #ImWithJaffe”

Preston Picus, independent CA-12 candidate 2016

“I know Stephen Jaffe will carry the progressive banner well in CA-12, fighting for issues we care about including single payer health care, getting money out of politics, and reforming the Democratic Party.”

Alex Ferrando, Roanoke, IN

“He is the first step in ridding the Democratic Party of the corporatists, allowing them to focus on the people and their agenda. Corporate Democrats are policy-less and have no chance of winning back Presidency or Congress.”

JF Carter Neubieser, Burlington, VT

“I support Stephen Jaffe because of his fierce advocacy on Campaign Finance Reform, Medicare for All (mental health included!!!), and changing the direction of the Democratic Party.”

Sarah LaPerle, Myrtle Beach, SC

“He is fighting for people and the planet over profits. He is fighting to stop corporate money from influencing politicians and elections. We need politicians like him to get the country back for the people. Even though I am in South Carolina, I will fight to help him win. His win helps us all.”

Peter Coffin, St. Joseph, MI

“I don’t believe in an economic system that defaults to making people pay out-of-pocket if they get sick or injured. I don’t believe having cancer, being pregnant or just being alive as a trans person should be grounds for denial of care as a pre-existing condition. We must stand up to these human injustices inflicted through money. Clearly Nancy Pelosi is capitalist and that’s just the way it is, so Jaffe for Congress!”

Al Shur, Leucadia, CA

“The status quo is not working for working Americans and incumbent Democrats are a part of the problem. We need a change of direction before inequality and the problems caused by it obliterate our moribund middle-class!”

Nathan Wall, Seattle, WA

“I’m tired of DC Democrats taking corporate money and not supporting progressive issues like campaign finance reform and single payer healthcare.”

AJ Cooper, Newton MA

Stephen Jaffe is a real progressive who will actually represent his constituents and not the big money donors, unlike Nancy Pelosi. We need him to win CA-12 in 2018.

Alecia Davis, Fortune, MT

Jaffe has spent his entire career assisting the underdog in their fight for justice. I admire anyone who is willing to dedicate their lives to the benefit of others. Then of course, Pelosi…..she has proven for years now who butters her bread. She needs to go!

Elizabeth Schultz, West Bloomfield, CA

“The Democratic party no longer represents the 99%. I believe in supporting true progressives who stand for all people on the important issues. Stephen Jaffe supports single payer healthcare a $15 minimum wage and I support Jaffe!”

Cliff Marquez, Hayward, CA

“Stephen Jaffe is someone we need in congress more than ever. America needs to revisit its progressive roots that once brought us The Great Prosperity.”

Carrieann McLeod, San Jose CA

It’s time for the Democratic Party to return to its roots. We need representatives that will stand up for the ordinary people. There used to be a clear distinction between the Democratic and the Republican Parties but in the last 20 years or so, the delineation has faltered as big money enticed more and more Democrats. For many of us, the difference between the parties now is negligible. We want a progressive representative that will fight for our needs. We need a person with integrity: Stephen Jaffe.

Joy Sorensen, Prattville AL

“He doesn’t accept money from the wealthy donor class. I don’t care if this entire country turns bright fascist red. I will no longer support or vote for bought off candidates.”

Anthony Santoro, Pahoa HI

“Under both majority and minority leadership of the U.S. House by Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Party has lost more federal and state seats than at any time in history, as well governorships. If she was being judged on her track record in the private sector, she would have been fired years ago. I don’t believe Ms. Pelosi has the leadership skills nor the progressive vision that will lead to a more equitable and dynamic future for our country. P.S. I’m originally from the Bay Area and have previously voted for Rep. Pelosi.”

Rick Roy, Vallejo CA

“In these days when we work longer for less we need people representing us who are not there just to line there pockets. Politicians have become out of touch with the people they serve. When that happens its time for a replacement.”

Harold Bunch, Lumberton MS

“We need honest politicians that ACTUALLY care about the people instead of their corporate donors.”

Marie Granados, Richmond CA

“He supports getting money out of politics, single payer health care, believes in science to combat climate change and he’s a real progressive.”

Arturo Perez, Austin TX

“Supporting Fight for $15, Medicare for all, and DNC reform”

M Dochoda, Ann Arbor MI

“Politicians in Washington affect all American lives, not just the voters in their districts. Therefore, it’s important that Americans stand up and fight back against corporate politicians who vote against our country’s democracy.”

Robert Bat, Winnetka Il

“He appears to be a true progressive. A grassroots man taking on the epitome of corporate democrats. I want Nancy gone and I want someone who will fight for progressive policies. Single Payer, $15 minimum wage, move to renewable energy, etc. I truly believe in this platform.”

Jonathan DeRise, San Fransisco CA

“The status quo just won’t cut it in this sensitive and very important political climate. Now more than ever we need someone who’s serious about making change and getting results. It’s time for a single payer healthcare system, legislature that actually makes an impact on environmental issues, and running corporate villains like big Pharma and oil out of campaign financing. Jaffe is our best bet to get results instead of resistance.”

Charles Wheeler, Olivehurst, CA

“Nancy Pelosi has became comfortable with status quo. She is no longer fighting for what liberal Americans want or need. Stephen Jaffe is standing up for Single Payer healthcare – as a Type 1 diabetic, healthcare is an issue where I cannot support anyone who doesn’t arrive for the best!”

CarolMcDermott, Reno NV

“Stephen Jaffe is a strong supporter of campaign finance reform, universal healthcare, and making sure no business is “too big to fail” (and therefore protected from consequences). He will fight for a progressive platform and not be beholden to big money donors. He believes in people not profits.”

Jeffery Wittig, North Little Rock, AR

“The kind of guy that worked for the people as a lawyer. So he will work for the people not big corporations.”

Sam Lawrence

“He reflects the changes we need in the Democratic Party to make it stand for progressive values. He calls for the much needed abolition of undemocratic superdelegates and seriously wants to remove big money donations for elections.”

Brandy Maines, Thomasville GA

“It is clear to me that Jaffe has the interest of the people in mind. It’s a nice change from what we have currently. Even though I am not living in his district, I definitely support Jaffe in his journey!”

Ryan Blair, San Francisco

“The Democratic Party no longer represents the underdog. Nancy Pelosi is the absolute epitome of an astoundingly out of touch party of corrupt oligarchs beholden to the highest bidder. PELOSI MUST GO.”

Joshua Ochoa, Huntington Beach, CA

“I support Mr. Jaffe because he believes in the same values that I believe in. We must move in a new direction, and help steer the Democratic Party to become one with a much more progressive platform. I believe we can truly make the world a better place, and it starts with grassroots organization and progressive candidates like Stephen in our government.”

Richard Hughes, Somerville, MA

“The Democratic Congress needs to understand that their constituency demands single-payer as a key plank in their platform and Jaffe is the best messenger to bring that to bear.”

Morgane Santos, San Francisco

“Jaffe is a candidate who actually represents my values, and who understands the growing need for a real progressive movement in Congress. I trust him to fight for his representatives. I look forward to voting for him in 2018!”

Jimmy Brunner, Chicago IL

If we don’t stand up for true progressive values, we are no better than the Republicans. Mr. Jaffe understands how out of whack the Democrats have gotten in his lifetime and voting him into office would be a good first step towards fixing it.

Joseph Jenkins, Niles OH

Jaffe is fighting back against the systematic failures in this country. Bringing our voices to the table with solutions to our problems. When someone puts the people first, real change happens. I fully support Stephen Jaffe over Nancy Pelosi. Its time to silence the influence of money and amplify progressive policy.

Christopher Nash, Seattle WA

I endorse Stephen Jaffe because he has high aspirations for us as a nation. I see Jaffe as a candidate that has his hand on the pulse of America’s heartbeat, and his feet grounded in what is the correct next step for this nation. He wants to fight for healthcare equity, the elimination of such rampant income inequality, and many other progressive issues. He is a true progressive who wants to represent the most progressive city in the Nation, which has for too long been strangled by his establishment opponent, Nancy Pelosi.

T.M. Srcuggs, Berkeley CA

It is time for Barbara Lee to have a fellow progressive on the west side of the Bay Bridge, and not a corporate Demopublican. A key way that hard-right racists advance their message of hate is from regular working people getting their necks stepped on by the supposed “alternative” of pro-corporate politicians. These politicians, like Nancy Pelosi, represent only the 1% — high time to elect someone that represents US.

VincentD’Amico, New York NY

It’s time someone stepped up to the plate to challenge corrupt Nancy Pelosi. Stephen Jaffe supports the things real people actually want and care about, such as the fight for a $15 minimum wage and single-payer health care.

Orestes Perez, Port St Lucie FL

We need a real progressive to head the Democratic party. This isn’t about fund raising anymore. Nancy your time is up, enjoy your millions and let people who give a damn govern.

Norma Pagan Watson, Hollis NY

“Mr. Jaffe’s political views mirror how I feel about the politicians today. Today’s politicians no longer represent the people but represent their corporate and lobbyist interests 100%. These representatives do not have our interests in mind and therefore should not be allowed to continue to represent us. The majority of these politicians are not only mouthpieces for big Pharma and Wall Street but they profit with money they get through stocks that they own in these companies. That’s why they’ve introduced a Healthcare plan that will not benefit the American people but will instead reduce the Healthcare they are receiving now. That’s the reason why they choose not to discuss Single Payer health plan for all. These representatives need to be removed from their positions.”

William Romaine, Phoenix AZ

“I enjoyed the wonderful interview on the Humanist Report; he seems to get what the country is looking for; the clear message of a progressive (single-payer health care); the message that Bernie Sanders so clearly stated; here is a man who has learned from working with the Bernie Sanders movement and seems to have the wisdom of age and the background to move our politics in a positive direction.”

Ethan Hanley, Bozeman MT

“I support Jade for congress because he is the only candidate in California’s 12th district that will bring about positive change not only for the United States but for the world. He supports many of the initiatives to reduce poverty, improve health care, decrease our disasters over seas, and most importantly end corruption in politics. He will return us to the fighting nature the democrats had in the 1960s. He will fight wars against poverty and corruption, instead of waging battles against the poor and the people.”