Vote Up Issues Important to You

Your voice is important to Stephen and the team. We’ve put up a number of issues where we believe CA-12 needs a new voice in Congress – the ones with the most votes are where we’ll prioritize policy papers and other efforts. Have an issue where Congress is failing that you want us to take on? Email [email protected] and include the word “Platform” in your subject line. We’re regularly adding new issues so please keep voting up your favorites! Thank you.

LGBTQIA health, jobs, & housing

The U.S. Constitution grants us equality – our spirit of independences gives us rights including happiness. Congress must act to improve the lives of LBGTQIA people in all sectors of our society, and to immediately ensure fair treatment in medical care, in prison, in the military, and in housing, by upholding and enforcing existing laws.

265 26

Welcoming and protecting immigrants

Our immigration policy is a national embarrassment.  We are unconstitutionally targeting ethnic and religious groups for exclusion from the U.S. and ripping apart families with long history in their communities. This mean-spirited and counterproductive policy must end. There must also be an end to for-profit detention centers.

259 54

Women’s health and right to choose

I defend a woman’s right to control her own body and will always act to preserve the legal protections of Roe v Wade.

511 34

Restrain U.S. military adventures

The U.S. has been in a perpetual state of unnecessary wars for decades. All of these military incursions should have been avoided or ended by diplomacy. America cannot continue to make unilateral interventions abroad. I support humanitarian relief efforts.

670 31

Pass single payer health care

Health care is a moral right of every person. The U.S. is the only highly industrialized nation in the world which does not provide universal healthcare (Medicare for all) to its residents. I will join with Bernie Sanders and John Conyers to pass HR 676 or a similar single-payer bill. Universal health care does not cost more than our present system and reduces waste. Small and new businesses will flourish because entrepreneurs and employees will have their health expenses met by society. Single-payer now!

805 28

Free and open internet

This is a First Amendment issue over which there can be no compromise. Corporations should not be able to decide what we read and see based upon who will pay the most. Further, internet privacy must be greatly enhanced.

500 9

End the school to prison pipeline

Nationally, school disciplinary policies have been criminalizing ordinary childhood, thereby trapping children, especially Black and Latino youth into the criminal justice system.  SF has shown that it’s time to end zero-tolerance, and other policies that criminalize youth.

429 19

Protect cities from gentrification

Concerted efforts by developers have gentrified our cities. Affordable family housing has been replaced with pricey developments for the 1%. Gentrification overwhelmingly hurts minority communities. In 1970, one of seven SF residents was black. Today, it is less than one in 20. Our Latino neighbors are facing similar pressures. We must take federal action to protect and expand affordable family housing.

348 49

Investigate police shootings

Black Lives Matter – and African Americans are disproportionally targeted for police violence. I would write legislation mandating that the Civil Rights Division of the US Department of Justice investigate all police shootings it independently determines were the result of violations or denials of the civil rights of the victims.

422 23

Fight global warming

No matter what the science deniers may say or think, climate change and global warming are real, scientific facts. We must continue to aggressively develop all forms of alternate energy, such as solar, wind, and tidal-powered systems and give tax breaks and incentives to the people who advance that cause. Stop fossil fuel subsidies.

584 21

No more dirty energy subsidies

We must transition away from fossil fuels, investing instead in clean energy such as wind, solar, tidal, etc. This will not only create jobs for Americans, it will free the United States from its dependence on fossil fuel and coal energy and allow us to focus on keeping climate change in check.

559 16

Ensure fair elections

We must use open source software on voting machines. Private corporations must not be involved in any way with processing of votes. We must also examine the use of paper ballots and hand counting of votes. I will work to restore complete transparency and confidence in our elections.

613 11

Public campaign financing

We must end dark money from corporations, money laundering, and the purchasing of benefits from influencing our elections. It looks like bribery and it is, and it must stop. I advocate the public financing of political campaigns. This will go a long way towards lessening the corrosive effect of the disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Democrats must stop taking money from corporations, PCS or Super PACS with practices contrary to Democratic values.

608 11

Jaffe minimum wage plan

I advocate immediately raising the federal minimum wage to a base of $15, adjusted to the cost-of-living in the location where the minimum wage is actually paid. Under my plan, the worker in San Francisco will get paid more dollars than the worker in Kansas but the buying power of their wages will be equal to allow them to live more abundantly.

529 39

End homelessness

I am outraged that, in one of the richest countries in the world, over half a million people are homeless. , it’s a catastrophic crisis. Inadequate health insurance is a leading cause of homelessness. One way to address this issue is by implementing universal, single-payer health care.

501 19

Decriminalize mental illness

No one chooses to become mentally ill. The mentally ill are not criminals, but they are treated as if they are.  Our jails and prisons are not hospitals. We must increase funding for: the safe housing and treatment of the severely mentally ill; further training for policer on how to de-escalate confrontations; and, more training of Crisis Intervention Teams

458 11

Abolish mandatory arbitration

I propose to end mandatory arbitrations for employees and consumers. Most large companies require their employees to sign mandatory arbitration agreements as a condition of getting their jobs. Mandatory arbitration denies employees the access to the courts to which they are otherwise entitled. Further, when you buy an airline ticket, open a bank account, stay in a large hotel, or apply for a credit card, you will find mandatory arbitration language hidden in the fine print. Employees and consumers almost always lose arbitrations proceedings because the arbitration process itself is strongly biased against them. We must end this perversion of civil justice with strong federal legislation.

359 17

Tax millionaires 

Income inequality and disparity is destroying the nation. The middle class is disappearing. I will introduce a progressive graduated tax structure to increase the taxes paid by the wealthiest among us and grant tax relief to the working middle class, which has historically been the bedrock of our economy. The more you earn, the more you pay.

427 13

Protect religious rights, and the right to no religion

Assure the full observance and enforcement of the No Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, i.e., separation of religion and government. There should be no religion in government and no government in religion. This includes fighting any any assaults on full marriage equality.

375 19

Protect animal rights

Many animals are sentient beings who have genuine emotions,​ memories, feel happiness and pain, both physical and psychological. They deserve the protection of the law by enforcing and expanding the Protected Species Act and the laws against cruelty and abuse, prohibiting the importation of “trophy kills” of animals slaughtered on “safaris,” such as elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos and other magnificent innocent beasts. A recent outrageous and monstrous law by Trump and the GOP allows hunters to shoot and kill bears while they are hibernating. We must stop this horrific cruel conduct by the federal government.
367 25

Reform the Democratic Party

No more back room nominations. I will seek to abolish superdelegates from the nomination process, root corruption from the DNC, make the Party’s processes completely transparent and return to the Party to its mission representing working people, the poor, the disabled, minorities, and others in need.

565 21

Transform the economy

Why is 57% of Trump’s national budget reserved for the military? It is not because we need to constantly manufacture weapons so we can go to war when we need to. It is exactly the opposite. The constant state of war keeps the defense industries, which consume a huge portion of our national resources, in business. Our newest aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, cost $12.8 billion – more than enough to replenish the combined budgets of many federal programs and agencies such as The National Endowment of the Arts. We must end our economy’s dependence on permanent war and direct our resources towards peace and our society’s must vulnerable.

382 24

Cap executive pay

The CEOs and executives of large corporations are paid obscenely high salaries, perks, and benefits. I propose to cap CEO and executive compensation at 30 times the pay of the lowest paid worker in the company. Aside from ending the gross disparity between the top and bottom workers in a company, this will incentivize the CEO to raise the pay of the company’s lowest-paid workers.

148 13

Close private prisons

It is immoral for corporations to make profits for locking up human beings. Period. Reforming drug laws, decriminalizing marijuana, and retroactively reducing and clearing charges will allows the U.S. to close many of its private prisons and reduce our shameful incarceration races. This is a reform that cannot come quick enough, and must be a priority for all progressives.

181 3