This has been a big week! My campaign won its first big institutional endorsement, from Veterans for Bernie. We followed that up with winning support from Howie Klein at Blue America, who wrote “Nancy Pelosi, Like Paul Ryan, Needs A Serious Reelection Challenge.

I had my first debate – Rep. Pelosi didn’t show, but one of her surrogates spoke from her behalf, arguing that San Franciscan’s should accept Pelosi and not support other candidates. Hear my response on this video of the event.

I walked away from that forum with another great early endorsement: The San Francisco Berniecrats!

Thank you for all your support. I always say that if every support gives just $1, we can make it clear that the people want change in Congress.

Also this week I updated my platform page – I hope you’ll continue giving me your feedback and voting on the issues most important to you.