I am often asked why I am running for Congress against an entrenched incumbent.  Today, on Meet The Press (NBC), my opponent provided a loud and clear answer to that important question.

When asked by NBC’s Chuck Todd about the accusations against Congressman John Conyers, Ms. Pelosi’s first response was characteristically off topic and irrelevant to the question: “We are strengthened by due process.”  (What is that supposed to mean?)  She then dismissed the gravity and seriousness of the allegations against Conyers by saying, “Was it one accusation?  Was it two?” suggesting small numbers of accusations carry no weight.  When asked if she believes Conyers’ accusers, she refused to answer and performed a pivot worthy of Stefan Curry, “That’s for the Ethics Committee to determine.”  Finally, she praises Conyers’ work in Congress and declares him to be “a national icon.”

My opponent’s defense of Conyers is indefensible.  As a lawyer who has represented hundreds of victims of every kind and degree of sexual harassment in the workplace – from hostile environments, snide comments, to quid pro quo sexual propositions, to unwanted touching or groping, to retaliation for refusal to submit to sexual demands, to being drugged, raped and thrown out onto the street by a male supervisor – the Congressperson’s comments are disgraceful to the extreme and contradict core values of the Democratic Party.

Moreover, her attempt to plainly condemn all sexual harassment of anyone (female, male, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) is a transparent abrogation of her moral duty to lead the Democratic Party and to speak loudly for the people of San Francisco who elect her. Some issues transcend politics; this is one of them. The public has an absolute right to any time public funds are expended to settle civil claims of sexual harassment of as public official.  Using taxpayer money to pay off victims of sexual harassment to buying their silence with non-disclosure agreements is reprehensible and must be stopped now. Donate (donate.jaffe4congress.com) and volunteer (jaffe4congress.com/volunteer)

Together, we can give San Francisco the voice it deserves but does not now have in Congress.  Join me to make history and change the future.