Although further reliable information needs to be known before I can write more about the recent event in Florida, based on the facts known to me now, it appears a gay African American man was thrown out of a Nancy Pelosi – Debbie Wasserman Schultz event by agents of the US government. Elijah Manley – reportedly the only African American person in the room – was seated in the second row of the audience when he was “asked” to leave by what appeared to him to be government agents. Mr. Manley’s apparent transgressions were (1) being a African American man and (2) live streaming the event with his mobile device. The agents informed Mr. Manley there had been “threats” against Ms. Wasserman Schultz. However, when he asked on what basis he had been chosen to be removed, the agents had no answers.

I don’t know whether Ms. Pelosi was aware of what was happening. If she was, she is personally accountable for the disgraceful action taken against Mr. Manley. I have not seen any report of either Ms. Pelosi or Ms. Wasserman Schultz extending any apology to Mr. Manley or even acknowledging the despicable conduct directed to him at the event. If Ms.Pelosi was not aware, her failure to do so is an omission of character.

So, I ask my fellow San Franciscans: Based on this incident, does Ms. Pelosi reflect your values, opinions and principles? Or is it time for a change? Elect me and I will not tolerate the kind of conduct inflicted on Mr. Manley as your Representative.