Minorities faced targeted harassment at the hands of  Joe Arpaio. The DOJ  called it “the most egregious example of profiling in the United States.”   ”Sheriff Joe” would routinely order deputies into areas with a large Latino population to harass them. The DOJ found that these raids were based on racial profiling. A federal court ordered Arpaio to stop this illegal practice but Arpaio disobeyed and flaunted the order.

For his flagrant violations, the Sheriff’s Office was sued in federal court.  However, in the upcoming years, the DOJ learned the Sheriff’s Office withheld and destroyed evidence they were required to disclose to the DOJ. The court ordered Arpaio to turn over the evidence and he  refused. It was disclosed his deputies had withheld exculpatory evidence confiscated during arrests instead of being turned over to local prosecutors.

Based on these disturbing civil rights violations, deliberately withholding and destroying evidence, Mr. Arpaio was convicted contempt of court.   

Mr. Arpaio abused his position of power. He was supposed to serve and protect citizens. Instead he harassed and profiled them. I am now deeply disturbed to learn the President is considering pardoning Arpaio. Under principles of morality and law, I urge the President to not sanction Arpaio’s despicable conduct by pardoning him.