Because I am on many Democratic Party email lists and contribute money, I get email blast messages “signed” by Nancy Pelosi. I get about two a day. Of course, her emails are highly partisan, laced with exaggeration and hyperbole and always praising Ms. Pelosi. They appear to be written for a 12-14 year old mentality and are usually based on Pelosi’s fear of some horrible consequence if the email recipient does not immediately donate money to her.

The email I received today contained the following statement: “Give $5 right now to defend Nancy and our progressive values.” Whoa. Did that really say, “Nancy and our progressive values?”

What progressive values? Is this the same Nancy Pelosi who refuses to unequivocally state that she supports single-payer health care reform and co-sponsor Representative John Conyers bill for universal health care? Is this the same Nancy Pelosi who accepts millions of dollars from corporations, insurance companies and health care companies? The same Nancy Pelosi who supports the continued use of superdelegates in the Democratic nominating process to thwart the will of Democratic voters who cast their votes in good faith in the primaries, as they undeniably deprived Bernie Sanders of the 2016 presidential nomination? The same Nancy Pelosi who said, “We’re capitalists” to a young man’s question about economic reforms? And the same Nancy Pelosi who says a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion is “kind of fading as an issue” in the Democratic Party and the same Nancy Pelosi who prayed on national television for a return to the days of George W. Bush?

The truth is that Nancy Pelosi is not a progressive in any sense of that word. She is a corporate establishment elitist whose politics do not even remotely resemble, reflect or represent the values, hopes, dreams and culture of the City of San Francisco, the congressional district she was elected to represent.

I am a proud progressive. I first came to San Francisco in 1970. I have listened to the people of the City and learned what issues are the most important to them. I do not aspire to become a national political figure and I will not forget who elected me. As your representative in Congress , I promise to always listen to San Franciscans and do everything possible at the federal level to address those issues for my constituents.