I was at The Market Hall, a great eatery in Mission Bay near my home and AT&T Park, for a campaign meet-and-greet. Over the course of a few hours, I was able to talk one-on-one with dozens of voters there for the event, and with neighbors who were grabbing a drink before the Giants game. Many buttons were handed out, and what I heard inspired me.

The people of San Francisco are ready for a change. For every 100 people I speak with at street fairs, at small gatherings, and on the streets, only two or three believe their current representative in Congress – the titular leader of the Democratic Party – represents their interests, values, and ideals.

In San Francisco, it’s easy to see that our government is not serving human needs. The Black population of San Francisco has continued to steadily shrink since the ‘70s as families head elsewhere for affordable homes. 18,000 people live on our streets. The Guardian writes that even the highest skilled young workers struggle to keep up with the insane cost of living in our vaunted tech paradise.

When I launched my campaign on April 26, small donations flooded in to bring change to San Francisco’s District 12. The average donation to my campaign so far is $27.22.  But a good start is not enough. To unseat the neoliberal establishment’s most prominent figure will take thousands of people standing up and saying, “We will not be run over any more – this is your last term!” We must recruit and field hundreds of dedicated volunteer canvassers.

Please stand with me right now by digging deep and making a donation of $50 or more. (Monthly small donations are also just as valuable to the campaign.)

As of the end of June, my opponent has two millions dollars in cash on hand. In order to reach the hundreds of thousands of voters we need to win this race, I must continue to recruit volunteers from across San Francisco and across the nation. We have a strategy to win, but to pull off this victory, I need you to stand with me to continue this effort together.

My opponent says, “I don’t think the Party needs a new direction.” But she is leading the Democratic Party off a cliff. She has lost touch with the people she represents. I am in this race because I will no longer allow conservatives to dominate our politics while the people’s party flails and fails. Your support so far says that I’m not alone – please show me that this supports is growing, that you’re with me through June 2018 and the general election.

Together we will stand up and not just demand change – we will make it.