In 1974, I was a new lawyer. As the events of Watergate unfolded like the layers of a disintegrating onion, I was glued to the TV, newspapers and radio new sources. I could not get enough of it, especially the Senate hearings with Sam (“I am just a country lawyer”) Ervin, Howard Baker, and John Dean. It was history happening before my eyes.

The events since Trump’s inauguration are beginning to feel the same to me as Watergate did 40+ years ago. Today’s firing of FBI Director Comey is just the latest chapter in a long series of events which genuinely feel like a dismantling of the office of the presidency and the very fabric of our government itself. As Occam’s Razor teaches us, things are usually exactly what they appear to be. In this case, Comey’s firing appears to be transparently designed to stall, impede or quash an impartial and full investigation of expanding incriminating evidence of likely illegal Trump-Russia connections.

We could use men like Sam Ervin and Howard Baker now. Hopefully, there are Republicans in Congress who, like Baker did almost half a century ago, place country before party and step up to address the potentially catastrophic situation we now face. A first step would be the immediate appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate RussiaGate. John McCain has already come out for that and I think Lindsey Graham may follow. Whatever else you may think of Senator McCain, I applaud his courage for taking that stand.

I encourage all Americans to emulate Howard Baker and also place country before party. The issues before us are far too important to us to do otherwise.