Without fair elections, we cannot call ourselves a democracy. And yet we have continued down a path of consolidating electoral power in the hands of a small number of wealthy families and we’re seeing continued anti-democratic behavior by both major parties and by private voting machine vendors with questionable biases and motives.

We need a revolution to protect voter participation. For that to happen, we need to restore trust in our election processes. That means voter-verified counts, open source elections software, increased financial transparency, and public funding of all campaigns.

I strongly support overturning the Citizens United decision. However, until that is possible, the best way to move forward is with legislative measures to establish strong disclosure rules. We must use information we already have about who funds our politicians to clean house (and Senate). I am a no-corporate money candidate. Together, we must push back against bought-and-paid-for elections and politicians. We must attack voter suppression and enroll millions of new voters.

I’m making election protection – both voting reforms and election financing reforms – one of the top priorities in my campaign and one of my top priorities in Congress. Please share with me your ideas for election protection and increased participation.  For example, do we need a national voter holiday? I pledge to work to reduce money’s influence in politics and to fight for fair elections.

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